Who Is Plus 4 Creative?

We’re a team of four young designers who specialize in illustration, graphic and web design, each of us equipped with our own visual styles and diverse skill sets to help businesses visually communicate their stories and reach their goals. Our aim is to help businesses visually communicate their stories and identities by evaluating their goals and needs through consultation and support, and developing a strategy to solve their problem that is personalized for their business.

Plus 4 combines the skillsets of four diverse team members.

Karina Smeets is both a visual artist and graphic designer who combines soft, pastel and water colour styles into her illustrations and graphic design work. She has business management experience and she keeps the team organised and always does her research.

Ann Marie Piniano enjoys fashion illustration and graphic design, especially manipulating photos and images to create content for lookbooks, logos, publication layouts and posters. She keeps the team energised and even on her bad days, never makes any fashion mistakes.

Shona Wong enjoys hand-drawn line work illustrations as she is heavily inspired by pop culture. She is also a graphic designer who enjoys creating layouts, publication and iconography. She keeps the team curious and is always booming with ideas. You can find her casually networking at various networking events in Perth.

Shawn Flett is a digital designer who is both a web developer and web designer. He enjoys building websites, catching Pokemon and creating motion graphics. He keeps the team on track and manages the systematic part of our business.

Hope you join us on the journey of business, projects and creativity!