About Us!

Who we are

At Plus 4 Creative, We’re a Perth-based studio in Leederville with a mission to help other local businesses of Perth tell their story visually! We combine our four unique skills sets to visually tell the stories of local brands! But what’s our story?

Here at Plus 4 Creative, we believe in the power of visually telling your story and we want to be a part of it! But first, here’s a little bit about our story. Plus 4 Creative is a team of four young, diverse, creators, hence the name! 4 creative team members adding value to businesses = Plus 4 creative!  We combine four unique skills sets and personalities to add value and creativity to your project and story!

Our Mission

A successful agency that focuses on creating connections and a supportive space for people and businesses to grow.


We don’t just tell the stories of clients, we are also passionate about telling the stories of the communities that focus on helping others. It fuels us with energy to be a part of these communities and support those within the community to thrive and be at their best.

These are some great groups we have worked with:

Our Values:


Diversity brings so much value to a team and we love having such a diverse range of styles and skills between us. Oh how boring the world would be without diversity.


Making more meaningful connections! Joy comes from creating real connections with fellow humans, when someone connects with your idea, your mission, or when someone connects with your design, that’s what it is all about!


Staying ahead of the curve is where we want to be, continuously experimenting and inventing! To grow as a person or a business it’s so important to try new things and not be afraid to fail, nothing great ever happened shying away from innovation.


It’s so important to have fun with what you do because it shows! Play more, learn things, be curious and don’t settle for average, enjoy what you do and share it with the world.



The Idea

4 young designers went on an outing together to see some art, learn things and be inspired! But as the day came to an end they sadly realised they all had the same problem, a great range of skills, the passion to learn and create beautiful things but nowhere to use it… till someone said “why don’t we start our own design studio?’’ :O


Sealing the deal with ice cream

We regrouped over some ice cream and decided YES this is what we want to do!


The “Library Period”

With great ideas but very little funds we worked hard at local libraries and cafes to get our idea of the ground.


First Big Project

We set to work illustrating a children’s book for the lovely Karen Dennett.



On this day we officially launched as Plus 4 Creative.


We have an Office!

The generous staff at YMCA HQ helped us out with an office space to work in.


It’s not official till it’s on social media

This is when we finally launched our branding and started connecting with you guys on the socials!


First Charity Project

Karina started working with the lovely people at Perth Vet Bill Assistance who help people and their sick pets.


First Workshop

We shared our story with Visual Art Teachers from all over WA!



 . . . We had our first podcast experience with our friend, Dave Monk from 12 Hats Media!