Small Business Checklist: Website

Here is the second part of our small business basic checklist. We got our lead web designer, Shawn to scout far and wide to find his best tips on how you can make some small changes to your website that will help during the COVID-19 lockdown.⁠

“I had a look over some sites recently to get a sense of how best small businesses can make some small changes to their site that will have a big impact on how they reach their clients during the lockdown.⁠”

“We’re still open”

Let people know in a simple and efficient manner that your business is still operating. It will help build trust and creates the impression that your business is capable of.

“Get in touch with us from 1.5 meters away”

Be upfront with how people should contact you. Your street address won’t do you any favours right now so we suggest that you make your phone or email easy to find. A contact form can also work but make sure you set up a captcha to protect it from spam.

“Hand delivered”

The way you approach providing your products has likely changed so making sure people know how it works now is essential. It just provides a little extra peace of mind.

“If it’s good, do it again”

Repeat these steps on your social media so your audience really knows what’s going on with your business (where possible, link back to your site e.g. check our site for more information: url).

In case you missed the previous part, here is the link to part 1. If you have any bonus questions, please let us know on social media: our Facebook, our Instagram.