Small Business Checklist: Branding

Many Perth small businesses, including us, have been using this downtime to work on polishing our brand and other in-house projects. Working with small businesses, I often see the same problems happening to some, if not most of them. Our mission has always been helping out other businesses so I’ve created a checklist to help out and make sure your basic branding needs are sorted out!


Proper Logo Files

One of the common problems I see business owners not having proper files for their logo, especially for print. Ensure you have a copy of an .eps or .pdf file version of your logo when working with a graphic designer.

Style Guide

Having the details of what font and color you use and how to use them will help keep your brand consistent and professional!

Social Media Profiles

Having accounts on different social media platforms and being active will help your brand presence and recognition. Don’t forget to use the right hashtags for your business!

Professional Photography

Having a professional photoshoot for a headshot or for your products can make a world of difference with how people will perceive your brand.


Establish your credibility and let more people know about your products and what your brand is about.

Brand Message

Having a clear message of what your brand does would help establish a consistent message throughout your different touch points and platforms. And avoid any confusion to your target audience

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