Quarantine Ideas for Business & Self-Care!

We’ve come up with a self-care list for the team during this CoVid lockdown to bring a bit of positivity into your day-to-day life and we wanted to share it for some inspiration. We would love to know what’s in your list too! Wherever you are in the world, we hope you’ll stay safe and healthy!

Here are some ideas on how to spend your quarantine!

For business:

  1. Reorganise and step up your systems! We’re currently working on our business systems, from our policies, procedures – external and internal systems to ensure we’re stronger and sturdier than ever when everything is back to normal!
  2. Cleaning time! Now is a good time to cleanse your harddrives and shared drives, files, computers, workspace. Put things into its homes, and have it organised so you don’t have to worry about it!
  3. Take some time off for yourself – Yes, work hard, but take the time to rest for yourself. With everything happening right now, take a breather when you can, remember to get sun in your backyard and stay healthy!

  4. Challenge your digital linguistics! Try different software, virtual events, experiment different digital disciplines – now is a great time to learn and expand what you know about the digital world! Our favourite resource currently is Skillshare! We also do a monthly bookclub and every Wednesday we share a new resource on Instagram! Let us know if you’ll be participating in our monthly bookclubs!

  5. Reach out online! Lend an ear, message, call – ask if someone’s ok or need help, we can help to encourage positivity and motivate each in these hard times. Our immune system doesn’t only benefit from physical health but mental health also!

    For Personal Life & Self-Care:

    1. Reflect & Set some new intentions: Think of this as a new year! Have some quiet time to yourself and set new goals you want to achieve in this difficult time.
    2. Draw a Grateful list each day – When you think about what you have over what you don’t have, you realise things are not as bad as you think! It’s reassuring to know we have roofs over our house and health workers to fight the virus for us. We only have to stay home and stay safe. Someone out there always has it worse. Let’s see the positives in this!
    3. Throw a Discord Party – Who says you can’t hang out and have fun? Throw a Discord Party and play some online games together! Did you know there are online versions of your favourite card games, like UNO and Cards Against Humanity? Go challenge your friends and have some fun too!
    4. Digital Detox once in a while – Turn off the TV, your phone and digital devices. Step outside (your backyard is a great place!) and get some sun! Once in a while, it’s good to shut off from everything and have some peace and calm to yourself.
    5. Send Digital Love to your family and friends – There’s no hurt in sending a digital greeting card to check up on your loved ones! Facetime with them, call them – stay connected! Social distancing means physically but you can still stay connected online!

If you need help or tips for working at home tips, one of our fave resources is WFH Manual! We hope you stay safe and healthy wherever you are in the world!

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