Privacy Policy

Much like water, we want our privacy policy to be both transparent and pleasantly refreshing. As such, we produced this privacy policy so that you would know what data we do collect, where we collect the data and what we do with that data.

What Data Do We Collect:

We primarily collect data on users through analytic tools such as Google Analytics, which tracks your information when you view our website. Google Analytics does use cookies which are small files stored by your browser in order to remember data between viewing sessions. This tool allows us to see our website users IP address, browser version, screen size, and other demographic information. We also use our contact form to collect data. This data is limited to information inputted into the contact form and is converted into a email, which is sent to our staff email so we can see your inquiry easily.

Why Do We Collect Data:

The information we collect from our website is used to look into who is viewing our website, which allows us to better understand our clients and make changes to our website to suit this audience. As for the contact form, we use the information provided in order to understand who is contacting us. In addition, as people who are getting into contact with us are most likely clients, we might record the details provided in the contact form into an internal client management system.

Who We Share Data With:

Due to using Google Analytics on our site, data about who uses our website will be sent to Google as according to their privacy policies. Other than this, data we collect from our website analytics and contact form are not shared to any third parties.

Opt Out:

Google does provide a way for you to opt out of your analytics data to Google. This link will take you to Google official page on the opt-out feature.


Because we make changes and improvements to this website constantly to improve your experience, this privacy policy might change to accommodate new website features. We will try to keep people informed about the changes to this policies however there will likely be minor changes that we won’t have the option to provide prior notice on.

Last Revised:

This privacy policy was last updated January 2nd, 2019.