WA Iron Centre

Branding & Website

With a mission to address iron-deficiency in WA, Belgravia Medical Centre has contacted us to develop a brand and a website for their new Iron clinic, WA Iron Centre.

Backed up by innovative technology and iron-deficient focused specialists, WA Iron Centre (WAIC) is the first WA iron-deficiency clinic focused on treating anemia and iron-deficiency to bring back energy to their patients’ day-to-day lives.

Our main objective was to develop a brand that showcases WAIC’s characteristics – professional, modern, and friendly. Health shouldn’t be a scary or anxiety-inducing topic, by addressing this problem, we’ve developed design elements that emphasise on creating a friendly and reliable tone, which includes character design, a bright colour palette, and a website that showcases the top skills of the staff members.

With WAIC’s friendly and reliable tone in mind, we came up with a simple wordmark logo using a san-serif font to look modern and professional. Using vibrant and bright colours with cool hues of red and blue to add a friendly and feminine element to appeal towards the intended female target audience.

Additionally, we created a website that prioritises friendly user experience where patients can book easily and read important information. Adding custom icons and a character design, named Ida, with the personality of the brand further adds approachability but is also abstract enough to be inclusive for any patient. To further emphasise symptoms, we used different body languages, poses, and facial expressions to express symptoms and animated Ida to bring her to life.

To see the full website and branding visit WAIC’s website at www.waironcentre.com.au

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