Rigg Consulting

Branding & Promotions

Rigg Consulting started in 2014 but has been inactive until 2019. As part of their reopening, they needed a new logo and a business card design that would communicate their service in a professional and approachable manner.

Rigg Consulting aims to assist organisations in securing funding and program development to get programs off the ground and ensuring that all the requirements are met with no hassle.  

We were excited to be able to be part of the re-opening of Rigg Consulting, we created their new logo along with their new business card design. They wanted a professional look but also approachable and friendly at the same time, and a design that showcases their values such as togetherness and trustworthiness.

We decided to go for a minimalist design with bright colours to balance a professional and friendly look. We wanted to highlight their values and the importance of togetherness community and diversity through shapes and colours.