Pop Kulture Ferments

Branding, Label Design & Website

Pop Kulture is about sharing nourishing plant-based food and the spreading awareness about the benefits of fermentation. As a start-up business, Pop Kulture needed help with their brand identity, website, and social media marketing materials.

Branding by Shona

Character Design by Shona

Label Design by  Shona

Website by Shawn 

Tessa is the founder and sole trader of Pop Kulture Ferments, where she shares her passion for gut health and fermentation. A true believer in its benefits, she educates other people through fermentation workshops while continuously experimenting new funky flavours for the public to enjoy so they can benefit from amazing gut health.

As an upcoming, new business, Tessa needed branding and marketing material to kickstart her business, Pop Kulture Ferments. She wanted her brand to showcase her personality being down-to-earth, environmentally conscious and creative as well as appeal to her target audience. Sure, it seemed easier for her to do it herself, but as a sole trader, she didn’t have much time as she was managing everything else at the same time.

We worked closely with Tessa to develop a concrete branding kit that would fit her down-to-earth values and light hearted personality. The usage of purples, oranges, creams and pinks communicates a sense of maturity, femininity and earthiness which reflects Pop Kulture Ferment’s business values. With hand-lettering to further show organic and naturalness relating to how Tessa hand makes her own products.


As Pop Kulture Ferments specialises in plant friendly fermentation, it was important for us to present the brand that would appeal to her target audience who are health and environmentally conscious, as well as an audience who shares the same value for quirkiness and creativity.

As Pop Kulture Ferments started gaining popularity, Tessa found that she had less time to spend on developing her own website and had us develop a website that would act as an information hub to for Pop Kulture! Shawn crafted a website that fulfilled this purpose while also translating the brand into the website design. This helped give back to Tessa allowing her to spend time on what she loves doing most: fermenting. Taking the stress away, we developed a custom one page website with a custom animation to add to Pop Kulture Ferment’s quirky personality while also tying it back to what Pop Kulture Ferments is all about!

One of the latest projects we had with Tessa was crafting a new label design for one of her popular products: Beetroot Kraut.

Initially, Tessa had some interesting ideas where she wanted to use puns and pop culture references for the product name: “Just Beet It!

I had to consider the other colours that were previously used in her other labels and the colour of the product itself (the sauerkraut) and how it would look together.

I provided Tessa with 2 concepts displaying 2 styles. One style was softer without lines similar to her other labels which was done by another designer.  The other style was more “comical” and pop-culture referenced with hard linework and white highlights referencing comics and nerd culture. To further emphasise the pun, I made the beetroot itself into a character which resembled MJ (Michael Jackson).

However, after a controversy of MJ came out during the time of designing, we kept it to an ambiguous beetroot head with a ‘dreamy’ expression and removed the body which made it look more like MJ. To tie everything back together, I turned the dreamy sky concept that Tessa pitched into a more “disco” theme feel, giving the label itself a fun, light-hearted feel. This, of course, comes back to Pop Kulture’s brand and what it represents: The fun, down-to-earth, yet light-hearted personality of Tessa.

Photograph from @popkultureferments used with permission.

I’ve been working with Plus 4 Creative to do my branding and I’m beyond happy with the logo and style guide they made for me. They also made me some great social media templates and a flyer template that I can easily change and adapt to reuse over and over again.I have a tight budget and I was hesitant to spend money on design work but I’m so happy that I did and it has definitely helped my business to grow as well as making it much easier and faster for me to make posts/labels and more. They’ve been so friendly and amazing to work with, great listeners who listened to what I wanted and made it a reality. I recommend them to all my friends and fellow small business owners. 10/10!

To see the full expansion of Tessa’s branding and success, come visit her website at www.popkulture.com.au
and her online shop: shop.popkulture.com.au

Or visit her social media pages!

Facebook & Instagram @popkultureferments!