Paraiso Garden

Branding & Promotions

Established in 2016, Paraiso Garden is a resort based in the Philippines that caters to both local and international tourists. Wanting to establish a more professional presence, the resort contacted us to create a logo and some marketing deliverables.

Branding by Ann Marie

Paraiso Garden is a beach resort in Aurora, Philippines where people can have a quiet getaway from the bustling city. Along with the beautiful view, they also offer local and fusion cuisines, activities for kids, and a mix of modern and traditional room interior. An overall relaxing experience for families, couples, or people who are flying solos!

As an established business, Paraiso Garden wants a polished and cohesive design in order to build a better brand presence. The goal for this project was to establish a professional and well developed branding identity that embodies the business as a whole..


Nature is the main inspiration of the logo, using bamboo, stone, water, and muted colours to produce a relaxed and calm design that represents the experience in Paraiso Garden. Additionally, we created an easy-to-use photo souvenir template as part of their marketing campaign so that the visitors can remember the positive experience they had at the resort.