High Spirits

New Label Design

With their graphic designer gone, High Spirits, has contacted us to work on their new labels! Because they still wanted to maintain the same style, we made sure to adapt the original style but with our own illustration style for it.

Design by Ann Marie & Karina




High Spirits is an artisan distillery in Perth. It is an independent family owned business that uses 100% WA growned  grains to ensure high quality spirit. Their products are made in house with the use of traditional distilling techniques and modern designed equipment.


Cricket Gin:

To create a label that showcases the ingredients through illustration. The main challenge was to create a label design that showcases the main ingredient: Crickets and make it interesting and enticing to their target market.

Strawberry Gin:

High Spirits wanted a similar design style and feel as their previous gin label design. We quickly adapted to the previous designer’s style but also added a bit of our own style to it.

The client wanted to retain the text layout of the label, therefore, we mainly focused on the illustration and added subtle additions such as drop shadows to the layout to add more dimension. We also placed the crickets around the design in small scales to make it subtle and let the text be the main focus.