Collision Logo & Poster

Branding & Promotions

2019 Collision Festival is a free youth event that celebrates young people and local talent in Western Australia hosted by YMCA HQ. We were approached by YMCA HQ to create the branding and promotional materials for 2019 Collision Festival.

2019 Collision Festival, developed by YMCA WA, is about supporting the local youth talents in Australia and showcase their talent to the public of Perth. The festival attracted over 2,000 people from Perth making it one of YMCA WA’s biggest events!

“The youth today is the future of tomorrow”, YMCA HQ believes in supporting the youths and young adults and therefore believe that young talents should also be designing the brand assets of Collision Festival.

We worked together with YMCA to re-develop their previous brand identity for Collision with an edgier design that would better suit the target demographic. Furthermore, we developed promotional materials across different media such as print and digital to increase awareness of the event.

Photo by Lisa Astle

Playing with the word “Collision”, we had the idea of using space and meteors to emphasise different talents coming together and produce a big impact. We chose ‘space’ as the festival’s main design theme as it references the idea of imagination and the future. As well as vibrant colours to further grab attention of the audience.

To learn more about YMCA’s Collision Festival visit their Instagram and Facebook!