Our Services

Adding value and creativity to your project and story.


From discovering your target market to creating your logo and brand elements, we’re here to add value to your business and help you bring your brand stories to life!

Brand Discovery Session

  • What now? Don’t worry it’s just you and us learning more about your brand to develop strategies to connect with your audience while having a cuppa! (on us!)

Your Logo and Brand Collaterals

  • You’re about to get something printed when they suddenly asked: “Do you have the vector file?”
    We’re here to make sure you have ALL the files you’ll need plus other design necessities for both your online and offline presence.

Graphic Design

Need design for print or digital? We add our sense of diversity and playfulness to your project while still being on-brand! From vehicle wrap design to social media banner, we got you!

Print Design

  • Need fresh ideas to spice up your menus? Maybe your product labels too? Or your truck? Poster and flyer for your event? We can even liaise with the printer for you!

Digital Design

  • Instagram stories, Instagram posts, Facebook banner, Facebook posts, there are too many social media sizes to mention! We’re here to do all that for you plus, we have diverse-skilled designers that can surely find a style that will suit your brand.


Websites are complicated as heck, but it’s definitely needed to connect with your target market. We’re here to help you through it and add credibility to your business!

Mobile Responsive

  • Everyone’s on mobile nowadays so we make sure your website is well designed even on a small screen!

SEO Set-up and keywords

  • Starting your website the right way! We make sure to code your website for SEO optimisation

Designed and Developed

  • We make sure that your site not only dresses to impress but also can pull out all the stops! What good is a nice site that does. We build websites from the ground up to ensure they have the style and functionality that your business needs.
Photograph from @popkultureferments used with permission


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! We offer custom illustrations to add a personal and unique edge to your brand!

Custom Illustration

  • Add that extra oompfh to your next project by adding unique custom illustrations! We’ve illustrated picture books, patterns for product labels, and character mascots too!

Placeholder Second Point

  • This is some placeholder text I added to ensure that illustation still looked balanced in the mockup. I know web has 4 points and everything else has 2 but I think it is better we are covering our key points instead of brushing over stuff.

Why choose Us?

Because we’re digital natives!

“Ah Millenials and their computers” That’s right! It’s us with our internet and computer knowledge! We keep in touch with the current social media and internet trends to make sure we’re always informed with what’s new. We also understand how to talk to professional printers and other digital natives because of our computer and design skills!

Diverse skills and styles

Not sure what kind of design style would suit your brand? Or maybe you need help with everything brand related? We’re diverse as one can get, from our life background to our design background. We’re a one-stop design studio dedicated to supporting your all design needs!

Strategy and Design

How? What? Why? These are the questions we ask when we get design projects! We want to make sure that we’re producing designs not only to make it pretty but also come up with a solution for your problem.

Playful in our ideas

Being playful doesn’t have to tie in with age! We like to have fun with ideas and collect inspiration from everywhere and anywhere! It’s so important to have fun with what you do because it shows!

Are we a good fit?

Afraid that we might not be the one for you? We’ve come up with a checklist of what we’re like! If you find yourself ticking most, if not all, the list then maybe we ARE the one for you!

Likes long walk at the beach (sometimes)

Enjoys collaboration and likes having different creative directions and solutions

Who enjoys being late? Not us! We like sticking to the timeline and hope you do too!

We believe that communication is important in any kind of relationship, so we like to schedule in regular meetings or chats to update and show you our design concepts!

We like talking about the values of design and answering any design related questions!

Passionate about what you do and excited to get great results

You want to add value to what you do

Ready to level up your business and add value to what you do

About innovation – creative direction