Humble Beginnings: How are designers made?

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve started a podcast called “Pod 4 Creative”!

Pod 4 Creative is a podcast telling the stories of Plus 4 Creative — 4 young co-founders and digital natives sharing their journeys and struggles of being a business owner as well delving into conversation topics discussing self-help, the creative industry and social media world. We’re a fun, casual crew exploring the world and telling our stories as we live them!

In our first episode, we tell the stories of our youth: what fueled our passion and desires for design and what we love about creativity! We flashback and reminiscence to a time of discovering your passion and where it’s led us today. We talk about our favourite clients and what we love about them, a comparison between what is art vs. design and what’s the sparkle about creativity. 

Tune in to our first episode which is now available on Spotify! We’re soon yet to announce availability for apple podcasts!

Be sure to follow us as we’re excited to tell you more stories, share our journey and opinions on social media, entrepreneurship and the creative industry! Come hang out with us!

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