Episode 3: Growth (Mindset) The Better G-Word

We’re back with our third episode!

Pod 4 Creative is a podcast telling the stories of Plus 4 Creative — 4 young co-founders and digital natives sharing their journeys and struggles of being a business owner as well delving into conversation topics discussing self-help, the creative industry and social media world. We’re a fun, casual crew exploring the world and telling our stories as we live them!

This time, our whole team is present and we’ll be exploring the “Growth” Mindset! We like to call it, the better “G-Word”. Compared to the goal-mindset, where you might think something is wrong with you and you have to change, Growth allows us to fully be present with what we currently have and what we’ve achieved so far to reflect on that for our next step. When we’re aware and making conscious efforts to improve ourselves rather than change who we are, we’re present with ourselves and properly listening to ourselves to what we need and growing towards that. You could say, “we’re all a work in progress masterpiece.”

This episode we cover:

  • What and How do we define the growth mindset?
  • What are some techniques to be more growth-oriented?
  • How do you receive feedback but also give feedback in a helpful way?
  • We also reference Suzanne Eder’s TED talk: The Dark Side of Self Improvement, Hurry Slowly (Podcast).
  • Why growth is different for everyone and sometimes growth is happening within you even if you aren’t taking action.
  • Exploring ideas of intuition and trust to help you grow and reassure yourself

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