Episode 2: The World of Streaming

We’re back again with another episode to our podcast, Pod 4 Creative!

Pod 4 Creative is a podcast telling the stories of Plus 4 Creative — 4 young co-founders and digital natives sharing their journeys and struggles of being a business owner as well delving into conversation topics discussing self-help, the creative industry and social media world. We’re a fun, casual crew exploring the world and telling our stories as we live them!

In our second episode, we discuss the world of streaming. Joining you this episode is Shona and Shawn! Streaming is a great way to garner a community and connect with your viewers but how far can it go? Why stream and what can you do with streaming? 

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7ucVtigvEYZaD0Dhkzx0T2

Here’s what we cover this episode:

What streams do you watch? Would you try streaming, if so what is your stream about?

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